At Rye Primary School we have created a culture of reading.

Our Reading Program works on the understanding that children learn to read by reading and that it is our role to share a love of reading with our students. Each day we provide time for students to practise their reading skills and strategies while improving reading stamina and developing a passion for reading and books. We support students’ interest, engagement and enjoyment with books and other texts that they read and view. All classrooms have a class library so that students have easy access to a range of reading material. Students also visit our school library each week and choose books to store in their individual book boxes.

We teach and assess reading during daily reading workshops. Our guaranteed curriculum derives from the essential learning required to satisfy the achievement standards of the Victorian Curriculum. The main components of this curriculum are comprehension, accuracy, fluency, vocabulary, and analysing, evaluating and responding to text. Making meaning is central to the teaching of reading.