“Children must be given ‘the luxury of time’ to become deeply invested in their writing, and draft, revise and publish their written pieces at a pace that honours and recognises the creative process.” Calkins and Ehrenworth (2016) 

At Rye Primary School students have the opportunity to write independently on topics and genres of their choice. They are given feedback by their teachers during conferences and individual goals are set. Students engage in the process of writing from recording ideas and thoughts in their Writers Notebook, to planning, drafting, writing, editing and publishing their own writing. They share their published work with an audience and celebrate their achievements.

Writers become better writers when they read widely and so we explicitly teach the craft of writing through the use of mentor texts. We aim to inspire our students to experiment and develop a passion for words and for writing. “They’ll write because they see beauty in the world, because they are fighting for change, because they are angry or sad or joyful. But mostly they will write because they are readers.” Kate Messner (2014)