Rye Primary School


Rye Primary School aims to empower students to reach their personal potential and equip them with the skills they will need for lifelong learning.

Rye Primary School

Strive to Achieve

Positive education brings together best-practice teaching with the science of Positive Psychology, to help all students reach their academic and personal potential. Our teachers, support staff, students and parents have developed our STRIVE positive wellbeing program. Together we have collaboratively developed a collection of lesson plans for teaching the different aspects of wellbeing and our expectations for behaviour at Rye Primary School.

Our STRIVE program is our teaching and learning approach to student wellbeing, which is at the heart of every lesson and places an emphasis on developing the whole student as a lifelong learner. Our STRIVE model outlines six characteristics learners can improve on to build their wellbeing:

Skills for life

Train for a healthy body and mind

Resilience and respect


Voice and Empowerment

Emotional Wellbeing

Teachers use our STRIVE lessons along with the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships program, Zones of Regulation and Restorative Practices to emotionally support our students’ wellbeing.