Visual Arts

The primary aim of the arts program at our school is to encourage children to creatively express themselves through the arts. Visual arts is such an important way for children to express themselves and communicate their feelings and ideas. Student wellbeing is an important focus both individually and on a whole school level through the arts program.

The art room is set up as a warm and welcoming space for students, staff and parents to enjoy. It is always decorated with the students' work, instilling in them a sense of pride and achievement and demonstrating that their work is highly valued.

Visual arts provides a platform for children to learn about different cultures and beliefs, both in Australia and Internationally. At Rye Primary School we are committed to understanding more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture. We strive to meaningfully and sensitively embed this it into the arts program and it is continuously explored and reflected upon.

The children are encouraged to be aware of their natural environment, the seasons and the changing landscape and use this as inspiration for their art making. This helps to foster connection with the land, which in turn helps in their journey to learning about First Nations Peoples' culture.

Rich student learning is a collaborative effort of all staff and we work to ensure that the Visual Arts program complements what is being taught in the classroom and becomes an extension of the students learning. Music and singing is also part of our visual arts program, particularly with the younger children.

Imagination and creativity are celebrated and encouraged at Rye Primary School. Students are taught specific skills and processes to develop their artistic abilities. These include painting, drawing, collage and mixed media, construction such as wood work, printmaking, threads and textiles such as sewing. Modelling with clay which we can fire in the kiln is a favourite with the children. The diversity in materials and processes allows children to experiment with different forms of self-expression.

We are very proud of our Visual Arts program at Rye Primary School and each individual ability is celebrated. The children’s art is very proudly displayed around the school, which fosters a sense of wellbeing and pride in our school.