“Inquiry-based learning is an umbrella term, encompassing a range of teaching approaches which involve stimulating learning with a question or issue and thereby engaging learners in constructing new knowledge and understandings.”

The various teaching strategies we use as part of this learning : Blooms taxonomy, Habits of Mind – multiple entry points for students, Multiple Intelligences – develop all intelligences in students, reflective tasks – metacognition (thinking about their thinking) using thinking tools when problem solving and creating, co-operative learning, guided inquiry – student generated questions.


We are using the Cafe strategies and teachers conferences daily with students, and students work towards achieving a personalised reading goal.


Students use the VCOP format to learn about Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation. Each unit of work begins with a Cold Write. We then work towards completing their writing goals, then celebrate their writing at the end of the unit with a Big Write. Students work each week on their personalised spelling words and the blends from the SWST (Single Word Spelling Test) test. They also have a weekly focus on grammar as well as a handwriting lesson.


Students are learning to apply their knowledge of mathematical concepts through the use of a variety of problem solving strategies. The language of mathematics is highlighted in each learning unit to ensure that students have a good understanding of key mathematical terms. Differentiated learning occurs in each lesson and through workshops at the end of each unit to target students at
their point of need.

CAMPS - The Briars (Grade 3) and Urban Camp (Grade 4).

EXCURSIONS – There will be various excursions during the year.

3 / 4 Team

Deb Jordan, Captyn Dowell, Shirlee McCormick, Jo Everitt and Tom Campbell